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So I'm watching the news this morning while munching on my "Own Brand" cornflakes and slurping my "Own Brand" Tea and there's Mervin King moaning about having insuffient power to make a difference. Somehow, possibly by looking at Kate Singleton's poochy face, my mind turns to thoughts of privatisation and how governments get "experts" in to help with crisises (think Alan Sugar and his enterprise tsar thing).

These thoughts turned to how would the country fare if the various facets that make up the government were privatised or placed under the control of the leading businesses in that field or, the highest bidder.

So lets consider the likes of say, HSBC running the treasury, BUPA running the NHS or even Eddie Stobart running all things transport. What a strange country we would live in. Maybe it would be cheaper (yeah right!). Then also consider the highest bidder model. Could Tescos run the Ministry of Defence (Start one war, get another half price (and clubcard points))? Would Toys R Us be good at managing childrens welfare?

Then I got thinking of how, if this were to happen, could we, the public, vote for our favorite? Sort of like Big Brother where the most popular bidder gets the gig as voted for by the public. Think of it. What a completely doolally world it would be.

I mean come on, TESCO running the MOD? They'd move all the guns and missiles around so nobody could find them. HSBC running the treasury? For fucks sake! If we wanted anything doing we'd have to have a minimum of £1000 going into our accounts monthly. Privatised government? What a preposterous idea!?

It is.....isn't it?


Jun. 16th, 2009 03:00 pm
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Summer for me starts here.

I have finally completed my portfolio and submitted it a day before the deadline. This pleases me. Normally I would celebrate by either spending money in the pub or whittering away hours on Warcrack. Sadly I have neither. Therefore I will celebrate with a walk through the town to the car.

There are things I want to do, people I want to see and places I want to go. Money being virtually nil means I will do none of these.

Watching Daytime TV yesterday made me realise how we fritter away our hard earned cash on material goods to reflect our wealth. Material goods that become worthless over time. Is this the true meaning of priceless?

Let me finish with the parable of the Village of Eternal Happiness.

During the British occupation of India two red coats were given leave to return home. Not wishing to return to the drugery of civvy street the two struck out to seek a fabled village known as the Village of Eternal Happiness which legend had it, sat high in the mountains.

The soldiers pondered on what glorious riches may lie within the village. For bountiful wealth must truely bring happiness. After many many adventures they happened upon the village. But where they had hoped to espy streets paved with gold they found only poor people, ragged and filthy.

"How can this be the Village of Eternal Happiness?" they asked their sherpa. The sherpa told them to behold the serenity on their faces. The fact they had no material goods meant they were wealthy in other ways. Without the trappings of material wealth they had only their thoughts and dreams. No greed or desire. Surely, bliss in itself.

The men parted and returned to England.
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I picked up one of the national newspapers in the library this morning. Flicking through I was presented with tales of woe, perversion, assumption and worse. It made me think what a horrid world we live in. People making money out of things that deserve more respect, others killing and maiming in the name of belief.

I put down the newspaper and walked away. There are times, recently, where I have been contemplating walking away from humanity, finding a cave or abandoned croft somewhere and becoming feral. Detach myself from the shitty shoe of society. But reality bites and I know I can't run forever.

As compensation however, I am planning on detaching myself from another part of my online life in the next few weeks.
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Jun. 10th, 2009 09:18 pm
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Why is it that most transvestites I've seen about town and in other places are as convincing as a woman as I am as a giraffe?


Jun. 8th, 2009 01:53 pm
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I'm busying myself with portfolio work. Only the analysis to do now. I want it done and dusted by Friday please.

LJ has lost it's sheen for me. It is tarnished and dog eared. I'm really thinking of bailing out.

But what of the future? I've never had so much uncertainty in my life. As long as there are people to hold my hand through this turmoil.

I miss people. I have reflected on the people I have known, the people that have got me to where I am today and the people I met on the way who are going through similar conflicts.

Is there a time when we must let go of facets of our id?


Jun. 5th, 2009 09:46 am
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I'd moan about BBC Breakfast presenters Susanna Reid and Charlie Stayt and how embarrasingly awful they are.

I'd wax lyrical about how the pair make me cringe when they try but fail to be smart when interviewing people.

I'd probably go on about how Mr Stayt made himself look like a complete buffoon last Friday when interviewing Lord Mandelsson. I'd illustrate with further examples of cringe making interviews like that with Alan Sugar this morning.

But nobody reading this will have any idea who or what I am on about. Nor will anybody care. So instead, here are some kittens.

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I have Dreamwidth codes for anyone that wants. Get 'em while they're hot.

What to do

May. 2nd, 2009 10:44 am
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A weekend of geocaching I think. Or maybe I should do some study.

The Pram

Apr. 23rd, 2009 01:39 pm
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I'd like to say, I do my bit for the economy. I think you all should do it too. Out of patriotic duty if not for the good of your economic status.

This can be done five-fold

Smoke tobacco
Drink beer
Drive everywhere
Buy a big fat arse car
Take out loans and credit agreements whenever possible

The next time someone sneers at me for partaking in tobacco or for spending my money on beer I'll remind them, without me they'd
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I foresee the following in the next few months.

Previous Tory government being shamed for something they did.
The Treasury suggesting that a move to the Euro would benefit the British economy in these troubled times.
The Conservatives saying it won't
A general election being held in lieu of a referendum on entering the EMU.

5 years

Apr. 21st, 2009 10:49 am
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It's coming up to five years on LJ.
It's just over five years since I got married.
It's just over five years since my heart attack.
It's five years since I took counselling for my depression.

Five years. Thankfully I've had a bath and washed my hair since then.

When I was 5 years old it was the 1970's.

When ever I go for interviews I am asked "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?". I usually reply "Not working here".
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I've been with Livejournal for ages. Well, perhaps not as long as some people, but a few years back I heard whispers about something exciting and promising. Further investigation of these whispers revealed that there was someone hiding behind my chair.

Having exorcised the person behind my chair, I discovered something about something called "Dreamwidth". So I checked it out. Several months I am. Posting my first entry on it. Do I feel a traitor to LJ? Not really. Why didn't I just use Blogger or some other frontend? Well.....I didn't like their ethics. Besides which audience is lacking in Blogger. So I'm breaking new grounds. For myself at least.

Those who don't know me should know I am currently a second year journalism student at the University of Huddersfield, which is curiously in Barnsley. Well, it isn't. The university is in Huddersfield, I actually go to the satellite campus which is in Barnsley. But I like to be confusing. Keeps you on your toes.

At this stage in my life I am currently undergoing the breakdown of my marriage. No tears or sympathies please, it is entirely amicable. We just learnt 5 years too late, that we were incompatible and both had different long term goals. We still live together, for now. But soon....exciting things are planned. You can read all about them here.

Of course by promising you exciting things I am actually giving myself the kiss of death. I'll probably end up on the dole or dead or something. Either way, I will die with a dreamwidth.

My life.....complete. (For now)
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