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Hi, I'm Stegzy Gnomepants. You might remember me from such internet phenomenon as Haunted Inns of Great Britain, Freeserve Chat or maybe even the British Republican Party. Though it is more likely that you know me through Livejournal.

Thing is though, you might not. You might be moodling through the internet looking for stuff. Well this is me and that is you. I am not your ordinary chap. I like to season life with a bit of strange and the odd dash of weirdness. Though not in a sinister or creepy way.

I am a Television Production graduate based in Leamington Spa by way of Huddersfield, Barnsley and Liverpool. Word on the street is....I'm separated from my wife. Which means...the queue is over there :-)

I am fond of crap British Sci-fi and obscure horror movies, cream cakes, bacon sandwiches with salad cream, Comedy inflatable breasted vampiresses in skin tight PVC cat suits, Wales, Cilit Bang and being a slob.

What more do you need to know? Well I guess I could tell you all about it here. But I won't, I'll tell you all about it in the pages of Dreamwidth.

Interests (147):

adventure games, alternative philosophies, ann summers, archeology, augustus john, b3ta, bacon sandwiches, badgers, bags in trees, baking, barnsley, beer, beer festivals, being sillier, being silly, biking, blood axis, blues rock, bonfires, bottle conditioned ales, brierley, cains beer, cats, cheese, chicken conspiracies, christmas, cilit bang, cinema history, computer games, computers, cooking, counting clouds, custard, darkwave, daydreaming, drama, dune, eating at kimos, etheral wave, faeries, fantasy, farmers markets, film making, flash gordon, flirting, fly in the loaf, fortean, fred dibnah, fun, games, gardens, geocaching, gnomes, goth, haunted inns, haunted pubs, historic pubs, history, home brew, indie, internet, jelly, jumping, jumping out of windows, kimos, kissing, laughing, league of gentlemen, lemon jelly, listening to people, livejournal, liverpool, local food, locally produced food, lost, lost highway, love, magic, making love, matt howden, more beer, movies, music, my cat, mythology, neofolk, norse, notpron, old computers, pagan folk, parsnips, people with depth, photography, picnics, pizza, plastic bags in trees, playing rpgs, plays, poetry, pointing at the sky, politics, polls, pot noodles, pr0n, problem solving, prog-rock, psychic questing, psychology, pubs, puzzle pirates, quatermass, quizzes, reading, real ale, renaissance, robert rankin, roleplay, sci-fi, science fiction, second life, sex, sheffield hallam university, ship and mitre, sieben, silliness, singing in the shower, space, stegzy, tanya donelly, tea, tobacco, trees, ultraviolet, unisex salon, university centre barnsley, university of liverpool, vampires, wales, walking, walking backwards, watching films, waving at people, weirdness, women, writing, yawning, yes
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