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So I'm watching the news this morning while munching on my "Own Brand" cornflakes and slurping my "Own Brand" Tea and there's Mervin King moaning about having insuffient power to make a difference. Somehow, possibly by looking at Kate Singleton's poochy face, my mind turns to thoughts of privatisation and how governments get "experts" in to help with crisises (think Alan Sugar and his enterprise tsar thing).

These thoughts turned to how would the country fare if the various facets that make up the government were privatised or placed under the control of the leading businesses in that field or, the highest bidder.

So lets consider the likes of say, HSBC running the treasury, BUPA running the NHS or even Eddie Stobart running all things transport. What a strange country we would live in. Maybe it would be cheaper (yeah right!). Then also consider the highest bidder model. Could Tescos run the Ministry of Defence (Start one war, get another half price (and clubcard points))? Would Toys R Us be good at managing childrens welfare?

Then I got thinking of how, if this were to happen, could we, the public, vote for our favorite? Sort of like Big Brother where the most popular bidder gets the gig as voted for by the public. Think of it. What a completely doolally world it would be.

I mean come on, TESCO running the MOD? They'd move all the guns and missiles around so nobody could find them. HSBC running the treasury? For fucks sake! If we wanted anything doing we'd have to have a minimum of £1000 going into our accounts monthly. Privatised government? What a preposterous idea!?

It is.....isn't it?


Jun. 5th, 2009 09:46 am
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I'd moan about BBC Breakfast presenters Susanna Reid and Charlie Stayt and how embarrasingly awful they are.

I'd wax lyrical about how the pair make me cringe when they try but fail to be smart when interviewing people.

I'd probably go on about how Mr Stayt made himself look like a complete buffoon last Friday when interviewing Lord Mandelsson. I'd illustrate with further examples of cringe making interviews like that with Alan Sugar this morning.

But nobody reading this will have any idea who or what I am on about. Nor will anybody care. So instead, here are some kittens.


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