Jun. 19th, 2009

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Last night I watched Psychoville, the new comedy from two of the League of Gentlemen, on BBC 2. As I am now confind to one room of my house I have jury-rigged a contraption using an old VHS player and a USB media converter which enables me to use my PC as a TV.

This morning, when I woke my computer up, as every morning, I flicked on my VHS player so that I could tune into BBC Breakfast. Now, the way the thing is set up is that sound comes out but not video until you use the video application on the computer then you can see and hear the TV.

So I heard the sound of the TV. It sounded like some character on a childrens programme talking about something that might be, in a casual listen, news. I thought "Oh My God These are better than Susanna Reid and Charlie Stayt!" and then I realised, I hadn't actually switched over from BBC 2 last night. Silly me.

Honestly Reid's news delivery is so painful its like shitting glass diahorrea while sat on a salty toilet seat.

I was pleased to note though, that BBC Radio 3 is broadcasting Purcell's opera Dido and Anaeas tomorrow night. I dusted off my copy of the score and fished out my CD just in case I miss it.

In other news, I made a cracking gravy last night. I used the pan I'd fried two pork chops in, added the water I'd boiled the cabbage in, a bit of mustard powder and some gravy granules before stirring rapidly. I then added a good slug of Henderson's Relish. When I finally move from South Yorkshire, I will miss Henderson's.

On the move front, we had our first viewers in 3 months the other night, they mooched about but to me it seemed like they were after a bigger place. The £15k share I was hoping for is decreasing fast. I just hope I win the Lottery-that-I-don't-play at the weekend so I can buy her out.


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